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The Evolution Of DomCon...

DomCon is America's largest Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention. It started as a concept of Mistress Cyan in Los Angeles a number of years ago when she noticed a disparity and disassociation between those involved in Professional Domination and those in "The Lifestyle".  Wanting to do something that would help bridge that gap between the two communities and make it more united, she developed the concept of DomCon. Two years later, Mistress Cyan chose Los Angeles as the location of her first DomCon... DomCon LA 2004.

In August 2003, The Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood was chosen as the location to host DomCon LA 2004. America's Top Professional Dominatrices,  Switches, submissives and Fetish Models registered to attend, and even some from Europe and Tokyo, Japan sent their registrations... Soon thereafter, Exhibitor Booths sold out and what began as a Los Angeles regional event quickly became a National Event within 60 days.

DomCon LA 2004 broke new ground and has set new standards that many other Adult-Oriented Conventions are striving to match. DomCon LA 2004 was the first convention to feature a Main Stage on the Convention Floor to , present Demos, conduct performances and feature Exhibitor Showcases. DomCon LA 2004 was the first Convention to issue Certificates of Recognition to it's Special Guests, and most importantly, the first convention to successfully bring those in Professional Domination and those in "The Lifestyle" together on the same level at the same place and time.

The weekend convention was packed,  The Friday Night Meet and Greet drew almost 400 people and the Saturday Night Play Party was sold out with more than 350 in attendance. DomCon LA 2004 was warmly embraced by the entire BDSM Community, and the success of the event far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.  

But even before DomCon LA 2004 started, Mistress Cyan was making plans with Ms Whip of Atlanta to present DomCon on the East Coast. Naturally, Atlanta was chosen as the location and the prestigious Hilton Hotel was named as the host hotel. DomCon Atlanta 2004 was held over the weekend of November 11th through November 14th, 2004, Organizing and presenting a convention over 2000 miles away from home proved to be a monumental task, but despite the logistics, DomCon Atlanta was a great success.

DomCon LA returned to The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn over the weekend of April 28th through May 1st, 2005 with a convention even bigger and better than before. The convention has been expanded to three days of exhibiting, with The Meet and Greet on Thursday night, The DomCon Fetish Ball on Friday night and The DomCon Play Party on Saturday night, was all on site !!!

DomCon returned to Atlanta in November 2005 with the beautiful Magnolia Manor Hotel, formerly The Radisson, as the conventions host hotel and Ms Whips extraordinary dungeon, 1763, hosting the Friday night and Saturday night festivities. The Convention was embraced by the Atlanta Community as community politics were set aside for a weekend to come together in the spirit of unity . DomCon hosted and unprecedented 22 workshops over the weekend with each being standing room only.  For the first time, The Gay Leather Community showed up en force and in support of DomCon, truly brining all the communities together as one.

In 2006, The Sheraton Four Points Hotel at LAX was chosen for it's convenient location and larger ballroom for the additional vendors wishing to attend. Three breakout rooms were used for the 23 classes and workshops scheduled. Such noteworthy presenters included Master Skip Chasey, Ms Joan Kelly, Princess Kali, Slave Pug and Rev Bob Goss. The 2006 DomCon LA brought the Lifestyle, Professional, and Leather Communities together for a weekend of education and fun.

The Magnolia Manor was once again the chosen site for DomCon Atlanta. The event featured an incredible lineup of 29 classes and workshops, as well as two play parties and The Fetish Ball. Tis convention also featured an "After Hours Dungeon" for those VIP Guests to play well past the closing hours of the convention's night;y events. 

@007 saw DomCon make yet another move upward, choosing the prestigious Los Angeles Hilton at LAX as the host hotel, and proved to be even bigger and better than zny of the previous conventions. Exhibitor booths were sold out more than two months in advance, and the room block at The Hilton sold out almost two months in advance as well. DomCon presented more than 35 classes, workshops and panel discussions were and the DomCon Play Party and DomCon Ferish Ball were sold out.

The DomCon

Later in 2007, DomCon returned to Atlanta for it's fourth year in a row and chose The DoubleTree Hotel as the host hotel. The DoubleTree  featured almost double the exhibitor space and more classrooms for the presentations, which numbered 40 over the weekend, most of which were standing room only. DomCon Atlanta also reached a new level of excellence by hosting The SouthEast Olympus Leather Contest, making DomCon Atlanta one of the largest events in the South. This brought Leatherfolf as far away as Canada to DomCon.

Now DomCon returns home to Los Angeles to celebrate it's  5 Year Anniversary for what should be it's biggest and best convention yet. This year's DomCon LA wil host the First Annual West Coast Olympus Leather Contest and will select a Mr Olympus Leather and a Ms Olympus Leather to represent The West Coast in Chicago in July 2008 for The International Mr and Ms Olympus Leather 2008. DomCon LA will also introduce "The Industry Only Seminar Series"  to help educate those in the Professional Domination Industry.

The Los Angeles Hilton Hotel at LAX has once again been chosen as the site for the 2008 convention and the largest Dungeon on The West Coast, the 7000 square foot Passive Arts Studios, has been named DomCon's Official Dungeon for Friday Night's DomCon Play Party and Saturday Nights DomCon Fetish Ball. There will be more vendors, more stage shows, more workshops and more fun than any of the eight previous conventions, so make your plans now to attend.

DomCon brings the BDSM, Leather, Fetish and Professional Communities together to sgare our common interests, celebrate our diversity and promote awareness and understanding of BDSM in the adult alternative lifestyle through seminars, demonstrations, panel discussions and education. So, come join the world's top Dominatrices, Switches, submissives, Bondage & Fetish Models, Webmasters, Fetish Photographers, Performing Artists, Educators and Lifestyle Practitioners as DomCon returns to Los Angeles May 7th through 11th,  Be a part of it, you'll be glad you did !!!

DomCon LA 2008 is planning on presenting more than 40 Classes, Workshops and Panel Discussionsand are currently scheduling these presentations.  Those who might be interested in presenting a class or workshop, or sitting on a panel may contact Mistress Cyan at MistressCyan@DomConLA.com  with a brief description and bio for consideration. Professional and Lifestyle are both encouraged to apply

The DomCon Play Party

DomCon LA presents the largest Play Party of the year in Los Angeles at one of L.A.'s most prestigious Dungeons, the 7000 square foot Passive Arts Studios Passive Arts is located just 1/2 mile away and minutes from DomCon at The Los Angeles Hilton LAX. Passive Arts is the largest Dungeon on the West Coast and features a large selection of playrooms, and dungeon furniture.

A Night of Decadent Dance, Fetish Fantasy and HOT BDSM at Passive Arts Studios. The DomCon LA Fetish Ball will feature a Fetish Fashion Show and Special Stage Appearances by some of America's Top Dominas. 


THe DomCon Meet and Greet is The Official Opening of DomCon LA. It is a huge Cocktail Party where members of The BDSM, Leather, Fetish and Professional Communities come together to celebrate the start of another great DomCon Weekend. Leather, Latex and Fetish Attire are abundant at The Meet and Greet. There is no specific dress code, however, "Dress To Impress" seems to be the common theme with most attendees, including the many Professional Dominas from all over America, dressing in their "Fetish Best" !!! The Special Guests of Honor and The  Presenters of the weekend's presentations are introduced and recognized at The DomCon Meet and Greet.

Source: www.domconla.com

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