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Hardcore Gets Hard-Time!

~ Famous Adult Producer Gets Prison Term ~

Adult Industry Rally This Friday at Forbidden City in Hollywood

Everyone in Hollywood wants to know:

Who’s Next?

Evidently saying that America has won the War on Terror, the outgoing Administration has turned it’s legal and military might to the new ‘War On Porn.’ The first to fall was adult icon Max Hardcore, who was just convicted on federal Obscenity charges in the conservative stronghold of Tampa, Florida.  It’s all the more shocking as no local citizen filed a complaint about the material, and no actress had accused him of any improprieties.  Yet Hardcore still received nearly 4 YEARS in prison, and fined  $100,000.00!

To raise industry awareness of the crackdown, Max is throwing a rally at the Forbidden City nightclub in Hollywood this Friday night, and invites all porn stars and fans alike to come down and be heard.

Here’s a summary of the story so far – The judge in the trial court blatantly disregarded past Case Law, and gave the jury no choice but to convict Mr. Hardcore of mailing five movies to a federal agent even though he had nothing to do with it.   Equally appalling, Max was also convicted for exhibiting the movie’s trailers on his website,

“If these verdicts stand,” said his lawyer H. Louis Sirkin, “It means any conservative city in America, can determine what’s legal on the net – and send you in prison!  It also means that unlike before, it doesn’t matter how the feds obtain your movies, you can still be prosecuted.  In other words, unless we get this reversed, the American adult industry is finished as we know it.”  Sirkin vows to appeal the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

In another damning development, industry leader John Stagliano and his company Evil Angel have also been recently indicted.  His case is scheduled to start sometime next spring.  Despite his vast wealth and worldwide popularity, legal experts say that Stagliano could still be convicted and sentenced to a term similar to what Max Hardcore received.    

            Needless to say, adult company executives are simply stunned by the news.  In a soon to be released formal response to the verdict, they have vowed to work together for the defense of the adult community. 

Source: A Gus Freelance Press Release