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Unrestrained Bondage Expert, Lew Rubens, Launches Production Consultancy and


December 8, 2008 - San Francisco, CA – Lew Rubens, one of the adult entertainment industry’s most dynamic and innovative rope bondage experts, is proud to announce the launch of Lew Rubens Productions, a rope bondage, rigging, and suspension production, training, and safety consultancy for adult and fetish filmmakers, photographers, producers, and performers.  In addition, Rubens is set to relaunch his extensive, membership-only, fetish and bondage content website,, as  Until recently, Rubens had been the longtime webmaster of’s and, since April 2008, was Bondage Consultant to all of’s websites.

Rubens’ rope bondage, suspension and rigging style and proficiencies are an amalgamation of influences in Fetish Fine Art, Western Bondage, Damsel in Distress, and Shibari-styles that have culminated into a technique his contemporaries refer to as ‘Lewbari.’  Rubens’ consultancy will provide scene development, management, directorial, production services, and rope bondage, rigging and suspension innovation training, with an emphasis on performer, crew, and production set safety.  In addition, Rubens will continue to offer both individualized and group classes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and at other future national, and international, fetish and adult events.

Rubens’ masterful and artistic rope bondage, rigging, and suspension creations draw new, and ‘restrains’ ardent, paying fans to  His work continues to feature many up-and-coming and well-known models in a wide range of breathtaking and innovative erotic and artistic scenarios, both indoors and out.  Relaunched as, the site will undergo a major redesign, affiliate program implementation, and extensive and regular photography and video content updates.

Rubens launched his web site,, in early 2002, after almost two decades of being a rope bondage and rigging aficionado.  By 2004, had started generating enough revenue for Rubens to quit his vanilla day job and pursue his rope artistry full-time.  It was also at this time that Rubens caught the attention of Peter Acworth, founder of, who had attended many of Rubens’ rope bondage classes, which were taught at fetish community expositions and events worldwide.  At Acworth’s invitation, Rubens began a two-year stint consulting for’s various web sites, including,,,, and 

By late 2005, and after fielding numerous offers from Acworth to relocate from his Tacoma, Washington-area home to San Francisco to webmaster a website, Rubens states, “Peter finally made me an offer too good to resist to produce and I accepted.”

Rubens credits, one of the most revolutionary online providers of fetish content in the world, with refining his prodigal bondage talents and honing his business and management skills to, he says, “the point that launching my own consultancy and relaunching my website, better than before, was not only well within the realm of possibilities, but also reality.”

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