Happy New Year! <<< new URL for the event!!
9 days away from Girls of the Internet Party 9!  Below are some important updatesabout this years event.

First off, we are pleased to announce that has jumped on board as the presenting sponsor of this years event!  If you aren't familiar with, you should definitely check it out. They offer 60% of all sales!  A lot of webmasters (and mistresses) are making a cool chunk of change with

Without great sponsors like, great parties like G.O.T.I. wouldn't be possible.  That's why we are asking everyone to PLEASE update your websites with the current G.O.T.I. 9 banner!  Some of you don't have a banner up at all still!  Some are still linking to the old web site!  Please, please, please... update your banners and links.  

Finally, the annual 'hoo ha' about the cabs... If you arrive in a taxi cab, the OG has no choice but to charge you cover.  Because they will have to pay the cab driver for bringing you to the club.  (crazy, crazy,
crazy... but sadly true.)  So drive yourself in a rental car, or find our party bus at The Palms and take that to the OG.  The party buses will be running from 8:30 to 10:30 every 20 minutes or so.  More details to come on that.

That's it for now!  Next update will include some info on special competitions at
this years party!
They will be sponsored by and check these affiliates out!!


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