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Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo

RealTouch Video-Enabled Personal PleasureDevice
for Men Debuts in San Francisco

AEBN’s New “Haptic Technology” Product to Centerpiece
 Sex and Technology-Themed Exotic Erotic Expo



What is the Exotic Erotic Ball?

San Francisco, October 14, 2009 RealTouch, a new high-tech personal pleasure device for men, will be featured at the 30th annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo in San Francisco October 23 and 24 at the Cow Palace.  Celebrating three decades of Flesh and Fantasy, the legendary Exotic Erotic Ball is unquestionably the most famous adult festival in the world.  The theme at this year’s Exotic Erotic Expo, which precedes the Ball and is also open to Ball attendees, focuses on sex and technology.

The unparalleled sex simulator, which synchronizes the sense of touch to adult videos, is a product of online video technology leader AEBN, the company that pioneered Internet VOD ten years ago.  The RealTouch system creates an immersive experience for men by sending digital signals from meticulously encoded adult video-on-demand content (only available at to the ergonomically designed RealTouch device.  These haptic signals precisely synchronize the RealTouch device in real time with the action in the video, delivering all the warmth, moistness and relative motion of an authentic sexual encounter.

Howard Mauskopf, producer of the Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo, states, “As we celebrate three decades, we are also looking to the future, specifically in regard to the integration of sex and emerging technology.  That’s why it’s important to have such a significant development in personally relevant technology such as RealTouch as a part of the event.”

Continuing, Mauskopf says, “There’s never been anything like it.  RealTouch with its video integrated haptic technology is the most realistic experiential sex device ever created for men.  It’s an amazing addition to the event.”

“The Exotic Erotic Ball has been a champion of sexual freedom, personal choice, and most of all, fun, since Jimmy Carter was president,” says AEBN CEO Scott Coffman.  “And that’s what RealTouch is all about.”

"Until now, people could only experience movies through two senses - sight and sound," Coffman continues.  "What AEBN wanted to accomplish was to bring the sense of touch, arguably the most important element to human intimacy, into the equation.  The level of which touch that the RealTouch delivers is unprecedented."

“What you see is what you feel,” says Coffman, whose company streams more than a million hours of video content a month. As part of the largest VOD company in the world, the exclusive RealTouch library features a wide variety of popular adult video stars as well as celebrity sex tapes for both straight and gay consumers.

The haptic technology behind RealTouch is found in everything from space shuttle flight simulators to touch screen mobile phones.  It was developed for RealTouch by a former NASA affiliated engineer who had previously worked at the Human Perception Lab of the Ames Research Center in California.

The Festival Hotline is: 1-415-567-BALL (2255).  The website is

(NSFW) More information about the RealTouch is available at: - RealTouch Media contact: Steven Goldberg:   800-628-0241 x 206




For more info, please contact
Tel: 415-233-7350