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Inner Peace Music® by Steven Halpern Releases "Drive Time Rx" CD
 Specially-Composed Music and Suggestions Reduce "Road Rage"
by Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind

June 26, 2009, Marin County, California - Steven Halpern, the iconic, multi-million-selling recording artist considered the founding father of relaxation and healing music, announces the release of his new CD, Drive Time Rx.  Designed to be listened to while driving, Drive Time Rx combines Halpern's up-tempo music and "silent" suggestions to harness the power of the subconscious mind. 
 Drive Time Rx supports the listener in being more in control of their physical and emotional state, thereby reducing "road rage," regardless of road and traffic conditions.

According to, informal tests on drivers in New York, Florida and Los Angeles who listened to the CD reported "...they noticed more as they drove and were more alert and aware of their fellow drivers."  In a WSVN-TV FOX interview with South Florida motorist Jasmine Dizon, after she listened to Drive Time Rx while driving, she stated, "I'm a better driver. I'm relaxed, and I'm not stressed."  The WSVN-TV report concluded, Drive Time Rx "...offered a subliminal solution during stressful times on the road."

Halpern's Auto(matic) Audio Additive™ is a series of suggestions that are encoded so
softly in the music that the listener can't hear them, but their subconscious mind does, and responds automatically.

Halpern's music, which has been heard on CBS's 48 Hours, ABC's 20/20 and Oprah, is now more in demand than ever as people seek out new methods to relax, unwind, and cope in these stressful times.

In the late 1960's, motivated by his own need to reduce stress, Halpern discovered how to compose music that relaxes just about anybody, effectively, enjoyably and immediately.  Halpern's career has spanned 35 years, and his indie record label, Inner Peace Music®, has sold over 6 million units worldwide.  Since his landmark first album, Chakra Suite in 1975, which to date has sold over 700,000 copies alone, Halpern has released over 70 albums.

Drive Time Rx is now available at,, and at major music retailers nationwide.  To request a review copy of Drive Time Rx and to arrange an interview with the Marin County-based Steven Halpern, who is available for in-studio interviews with San Francisco Bay Area media outlets, or telephone interviews with national media outlets, please contact Christopher Buttner, contact information above.