This is the home of the original, authentic, one-of-a-kind, spectacular, and unrivaled "party of all parties" Ö Perry Mannís Exotic Erotic Ball!

Holy Halloween Weekend - we've done it again - we've gone and outgrown another building! After 7 years at the legendary Cow Palace, where we threw some of the greatest parties ever - including last year's super-spectacular shindig - we're properly proud and pleasantly pleased to announce that our 2008 show will be held ....


It's part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert, yet totally unique. The Exotic Erotic Ball is a celebration of human sexuality and freedom of expression. It's a lingerie, fetish, masquerade affair.

It features non-stop entertainment of limitless variety. Attendees will see and hear live music, top DJs, erotic performers, exotic dancers, wild sideshows and playful interactive fun on multiple stages. We have learned we cannot describe the scope of our live entertainment in one paragraph.

However, we can say that our Main Stage alone features three bands, 20 burlesque acts, 5 hilarious games (Masochism Tango and Lesbian First Kiss among them), as well as our three contests which will crown Best Costume, Mr.Exotic Erotic, and Ms.Exotic Erotic; our Bling Bling stage features top DJ's and electronic entertainment; our Fetish stages feature fetish and bondage, latex, body painting, and a little bit of flogging; and our Burlesque stage features dance and novelty acts. For more details on our live entertainment, CLICK HERE

Our Exotic Erotic Expo features 100 specially selected vendors who will showcase the latest in exotic fashion, erotic art, adult products, games, and novelties, and the fittingly offbeat. The Expo is open during the Ball, to Ball ticketholders only. (The Expo is also open on Friday October 24 from 2PM to 10PM and on Saturday afternoon October 25 from Noon to 6PM for only $20. For details on the Exotic Erotic Expo,

Q. Will you be selling tickets at the door?

A. Yes, you can buy tickets at the door for the Ball or the Expo.

Q. How old do you need to be to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball and/or Expo?

A. For the Ball, 21 and over - with ID, please. For the Expo, 18 and over.

Q. Can I take still pictures?

A. Yes, you can take still pictures. Cameras are allowed and we will also be selling official Exotic Erotic Ball disposable cameras (a future eBay item for sure) at the show. Side note: If you take any really good shots that you think we would want to feature on our site or use for other purposes please submit them to We will credit you wherever possible..

Q. Can I shoot video?

A. Nope, sorry, not unless you work for the Ball or you are with an approved media outlet, with necessary credentials. Side note: If you're with the media please contact Chris at PR That Rocks:

Q. Do I need to dress up for the Ball and if so, in what fashion?

A. The dress-up is not a requirement, but it is a big part of the show. We highly recommend everyone dressing in lingerie, pajamas, fetish, masquerade or costume. Dress as sexy as you want. Our motto is: Everyone's A Star at the Exotic Erotic Ball. That means you're a Star too, so f*cking dress like one ! Side note: We will be holding our three famous contests and having other drawings with $20,000 in cash and prizes, our largest total ever. Ms. Exotic Erotic, Mr. Exotic Erotic and the Costume Contest are the three big contests. Everyone who attends is welcome to try and qualify

Q. What should I wear to the Ball?

A. This question is so important, we asked it twice. Wear lingerie, fetish attire, masquerade, costume, pajamas or something that makes you look outrageously sexy!

Q. Is nudity allowed?

A. We post signs everywhere that say, No Nudity...but do people listen? We sure wish they did. No public nudity, please. Remember to carry your ID if you want to drink alcohol.

Q. Is "groping" allowed?

A. No, dude, you just can't start groping people. Try to imagine that you had a normal upbringing for a minute - would you want people indiscriminately groping you? We'll answer that for you if you're having trouble - no, you would not. At the Exotic Erotic Ball, the operative word is respect. If you keep in mind that lots of people are feeling sexy and aroused, then you will realize that it is OK to ask someone if you can touch. Yes - it is OK to ask. But do respect the answer. If it's not the answer you wanted, then ask someone else. Remember - if you grope, you leave. But - if it is consensual, then ... well ... then it's not really groping, it's fondling.

Q. Are you having any pre-parties this year?

Yes, there will be a pre-party; details as we get closer.

Q. Is there an After Party this year?

Yes, details as we get closer.

Q. Should I buy a General Admission ticket or a VIP ticket to the Ball?

A. The General Admission ticket will allow you access to the five main stages, including the main stage with the musical acts & contests, plus the Burlesque Stage with the exotic & erotic performances, the Fetish Stages and Dungeon, and the Bling Bling electronic stage. You'll also have access to the Expo featuring erotic art, exotic fashion, sexy products, adult games, toys & novelties, and the Spiritual Oasis with erotic massage, sex potions, tarot readings, and so much more. The VIP ticket will allow you the following extras: priority red carpet entry into the Ball, a special VIP reception with celebrities and porn stars from 9pm to 10:30pm, a private VIP room with complimentary hors d'oeuvres, special performances, music, and interactive side shows, plus backstage access where you can mingle with the celebrities and adult stars. VIP's also get a few extra's like souvenirs and goodie bags with special treats and coupons. And - this is a new one for 2008 - if you buy VIP tickets to the Ball, you also get tickets to go to the Expo on Friday (or Sat afternoon, your choice) for FREE.

Q. Tell me more about the Exotic Erotic Expo and do I want to go to both that and the Ball?

A. The Expo is a great event for anybody interested in erotic art, exotic fashion, the latest in adult toys, websites, and novelties, or a quieter version of the Ball without wearing an elaborate costume. It is a perfect place to shop for outfits for the Ball, and it has a lot of previews of the Ball, so it is very entertaining. If youy are interested in meeting the top stars in adult entertainment, you don't want to miss the Expo. Over the past few years, many people have told us that at $20, the Expo is an amazing deal. It is open on Friday, Oct 24, from 2pm to 10pm , and Saturday, Oct 25 from Noon to 6pm (each day only $20). And it is also open at night as part of the Ball, for Ball ticket holders only.

Q. Will there be a place for me to check my coat?

A. Yes, there will.

Q. Will there be a place for me to check what I buy at the exhibitor booths so I don't have to carry it around?

A. Yes there will be a merchandise check at both the Expo and at the Ball.

Q. Now that you moved from the Cow Palace to Treasure Island, how does parking work? How do I get on and off the Island?

A. During the Expo, you will be able to access the Island by car, and also by bus shuttle. During the Ball, it is mostly shuttle. We will be using a deluxe shuttle system with eco-friendly buses all equipped with comfortable seating and digital stereo systems. The information on shuttle schedule, access points, and costs for parking/shuttle combo will be coming soon. There will be a limited number of parking spots available for the Ball, and that information is also coming soon.

Q. Now that you moved from the Cow Palace to Treasure Island, what about hotels?

A. We are working on this and yes, we will have some pretty good deals with some nice hotels close to the Island very soon.

Q. What is the best way for me to make sure I get the latest information as it becomes available?

A. Please join our email mailing list. click here.





There was Louis Abolafia and his good friend Perry Mann. They made their dwellings in the Land by the Bay. One day, Louis approached Perry and said: "I want to run for President. I will be the candidate from the Nudist Party. Will you help me do this?" Perry responded: "Please tell me, Louis, why is it that you wish to run for President under the Nudist Party?" Louis responded: "It is because I have absolutely nothing to hide." Perry smiled and said: "Then I will help you."

To help finance Louis' candidacy, Perry created an event that celebrated freedom, the right to choose, and the right to be as one chooses to be. This is widely known as freedom of expression. People came to the event Perry created in the land by the Bay to experience this freedom of expression, and they rejoiced. And the Exotic Erotic Ball was born.

And Perry looked unto the Exotic Erotic Ball, and he saw that it was good. And so he nurtured it, and it became fruitful and it grew.

Years would pass, and times would change. But the Exotic Erotic Ball remained strong, and a veritable part of the Land by the Bay. The event that was first celebrated by only a few grew into an event celebrated by hundreds, then thousands, until it came to pass that over ten thousand strong came from all parts to partake in the freedoms and merriment that was the Exotic Erotic Ball. And they rejoiced, and their voices were heard. And the fire department said "well, that's about all the people we can pretty much fit in this here building." But Perry Mann said: "This is about freedom of expression. Everyone who wishes to partake in that must have that chance. For on this night, at the Exotic Erotic Ball, we are all special and unique, and Everyone is a Star. If I must find a larger building, so be it."

And so it came to pass that he found the Cow Palace, and he saw that it was good. Then more years would pass, until at last it became time to prepare for the 25th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball. And Perry Mann said: "This shall be the greatest Exotic Erotic Ball ever." And it was.

Then four more years passed and he found Treasure Island and so it became time to bring merriment to this exclusive scenic location nestled in the San Francisco Bay. And Perry Mann said: "This 29th Anniversary show shall be another crowning achievement." And in October of 2008, tens of thousands will gather to bear witness to this achievement. And they shall rejoice.


It's been almost 29 years since Louis Abolafia and I founded the Exotic Erotic Ball. Louis was best known for coining the phrase "Make Love, Not War", and we created the Ball as an extension of that philosophy.

I have thought of Louis often since he died in 1995, but never more so than this year, as I prepare for our greatest Exotic Erotic show ever - our 29th Anniversary Show in SF this October, waterside, at Treasure Island.

We always want to make the Ball even more special, and so this year, we're doubling the prize money for best costumes, we're adding a whole bunch of erotic art exhibits, and we're asking our celebrity friends to pitch in and help us celebrate the move to Treasure Island.

As a result, our 2008 Exotic Erotic Ball will be spectacular - and hey, if anyone knows how to pull out the stops, it's us. But - not completely lost among our elaborate and of course, highly stimulating festivities will be real discussions on our First Amendment rights. These will take place during the afternoon sessions of our Expo, and we hope you can attend these, as well as the Ball. Many of our friends, celebrities, and adult film stars will partake, and there will be opportunities to speak with them up close and in person.

Make Love, Not War - it once was the battle cry of our entire youth culture, but it's never been a truer, more appropriate message than it is today. I miss Louis, and I can't wait to feel his spirit soar again. Happy 29th Anniversary, buddy.

Perry Mann

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