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April 6th , 2009

Richard Woods, Author, Public Speaker and Socio/Political Satirist
and Commentarian, Launches“UnLearn: The Show”

Be Warned—The Truth May Hurt.

Monmouth County, New Jersey - April 3, 2009:  Richard Woods, author of “UnLearn! Because Life Can Make You Stupid,” the controversial treatise where Woods bluntly shares his non-traditional thoughts on the self-help industry, marriage, monogamy, political correctness, and morality, is back to ‘bitch-slap’ some more sense into the remaining misguided masses of Americans - of which there are many - with “UnLearn: The Show®.”  The Truth May Hurt.

Rich Woods and co-host Rocko have created a weekly hour-long, and highly controversial talk show, securely cemented to a freedom of speech foundation, where its sole mission is to deliver brutally honest and gut-wrenching opinions, based upon real-world experiences, facts, and knowledge delivered with all the subtlety of a freight train careening through a maternity ward. 

“UnLearn: The Show®” is an innovative forum where Rich and Rocko take on current events, statistical facts, and discard political correctness with all the emotional detachment of scraping dog crap off the soles of their shoes in order to get to what has been missing from the mainstream media for decades: The Truth. 

Many pedestrian Americans and other mere mortals point out that Rich and Rocko’s views are what most people wish they could say, but can’t and won’t for fear of losing their delusional sense of stature in today’s oppressively politically correct society… or worse, getting fired, arrested in Southern states and Utah, assassinated, excommunicated, or all of the above.

Rich, from New York City, and Rocko, from Boston, Massachusetts, may have lived most of their adult lives 250 miles apart, but when together they possess a synergistic repartee and an instinctive and impeccable sense of timing as if they were twin brothers with PPR: Perverted Precognitive Recognition®.  (PPR® is a Registered Trademark of “UnLearn: The Show®.”)

Often times conflictory, especially when it comes to sports – which can usually be the best parts of the show – as they are complementing, Rich and Rocko are informative, funny, brazenly politically incorrect, and always honest-to-fault… not necessarily in that order.

Rich, a happily married, Non-Monogamist, Author, Atheist, Public Speaker, Libertarian and First Amendment Advocate, offers far different perspectives about marriage and monogamy than what is the current homogenized standard.  Wood's book, “Unlearn! Because Life Can Make You Stupid”, is a refreshingly honest, informative, potentially, if not patently, offensive and hysterically entertaining full-frontal assault on life's so-called truths, and the self-help industry.  Rich states, "I have really grown to hate self-serving opportunists like Dr. Phil and the duplicitous dullards of the religious right.  What it all boils down is, there is no God, our vote doesn't matter, and monogamy sucks."

Rocko, a blue-collar guy with a brain, is a political conservative whose last “8-year sentence” of a 9-5 Rat Race gig made him throw up blood – literally - before he escaped the smothering confines of restrictive and repressive business attire and the accompanying 5-foot-square-by-2-demensional-mauve-cubicle-space that crushes the hopes, dreams and spirits of, what would otherwise be, free men.  Rocko states, “I’ve met all kinds of people at all stages of my life, whether I was rich or poor, and the one thing my diverse background and experiences have taught me about the human condition and the political landscape is, I am consistently, honestly, succinctly, and uniformly pissed off.”

Join Rich and Rocko for “Unlearn: The Show®, Live on Tuesday, April 7th 2009 at 7:00 p.m., EST.  Broadcast details can be found at: - For more info, please contact Rich Woods directly, contact info above.

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