Get Flunked!  Not Animal House XXX Will
Prove Flunking Gets You Laid




(Hollywood, CA ) We’ve all had friends that flunked a college class or two but when you’re a member of the Delta fraternity house, getting a passing grade is nearly impossible.  Throw in a dozen gorgeous naked female co-eds all willing to satisfy the dirtiest of sexual needs and you have the ingredients for a classic porn movie from X-Play.   

Not Animal House XXX from X-Play will be the most sexually explicit porn parody the company has ever released and director Will Ryder promises it will also be his dirtiest. 

“This is what college life should be so the hell with getting a good education because wild sex and filthy drunken toga party orgies is what’s really important in life,” Ryder advised.

When it came out in 1978 the original Animal House starred John Belushi and shocked America with an irreverent slice of university life.  It also was the coming out party for a number of young actors who went on to Hollywood stardom however none were able to make the transition to porn movie success.    

“Just like millions of people, I loved Animal House from the moment it was released back in the seventies and we hope our parody doesn’t keep parents from allowing their sons and daughters from entering the Greek system.”

Filled with orgies and anal sex, Not Animal House XXX will be released in the spring from X-Play.  The movie’s distributor has yet to be announced because it is on double secret probation.

The marketing slogan for the porn parody is “Fucking & Flunking Was Never So Fun ” and if early indications prove correct, this will be one of the most enjoyable porn movies ever released and promises to be as wild as the classic John Landis directed movie but only with plenty of vagina. 

Disclaimer: This movie is a parody and is not associated with National Lampoon, Universal Pictures, John Landis, Ivan Reitman, Matt y Simmons or any of the amazing writers, assignees or other persons associated with Animal House. It is also not associated with the United States Senate or Senator Blutarsky.  The prep poster is not an indication of what the actual porn movie poster will be but it will be close but with tits.